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Our Christmas

This year we had Christmas at our house. Our families all came and got stuck in the blizzard! To maximize the space of our cozy Brooklyn apartment we turned our studios and office into a cocktail lounge, our bedroom into a living room, and our living room into a large dinning hall. Our house was filled with family and so many of our creative friends in New York and we had a BLAST!! Here are some photos of the space courtesy of Julie Thevenot.

The first picture shows Eskayel wallpaper pattern Native Stripe in Black and white which hangs in our studio show room.
The second picture are my new shoes from 80%20.
In the sixth picture you can see a set of Eskayel Polar pedigree pillows and a beautiful indigo batik throw I got from Threads of Life in Ubud, Bali.
In the tenth and twelfth images you can see the first wallpaper pattern I ever designed, The Stag Hunt, in my living room transformed to Christmas dinning hall, and over my cutie dog Kaya you can see a vintage blanket I found at Luddite in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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