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the akimbo mix-n-match collection!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Akimbo mix-n-match Collection, featuring a new heavy-weight linen/cotton blend fabric and CLASSIC Wallpaper, which is a less expensive alternative to our PRIMA Wallpapers and is printed on traditional clay coated wallpaper.

We’d like to give a GIGANTIC thanks to Michelle Zacks of holy tee for letting us use her home and awesome belongings as props in the photoshoot!

We’d also like to thank photographer Tom Rauner for doing yet another wonderful photoshoot for us!

We hope you love this collection, and can’t resist mixing and matching the fabric, wallpapers, and pillows.

We also hope that if you’ve always wanted Eskayel wallpaper but couldn’t afford it, then the CLASSIC Wallpaper is for you!

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