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How I met Mike D

Last year, a designer came to our old tiny studio with a client to choose some wallpaper for his wife’s home office. I thought the client seemed pretty stylish and design oriented and was very curious what he did or who he was, he ended up choosing  Roman Ram – lt. metal (pictured above).  He mentioned that he and his wife were redoing an old brownstone in Brooklyn and they were trying to use as many local Brooklyn designers as possible.  When the designer gave me his shipping address and name – Michael Diamond – still nothing clicked until…

At ICFF the following year, a friend and fellow designer Elodie Blanchard mentioned that it was so cool that we both had our designs in the home of Mike D from the Beastie Boys. I was super surprised and said, “What? I had no idea, really?”  She went on to explain that I had not only sold him the wallpaper, but he had come to my studio to choose it out himself and met with me, and he noted to Elodie how surprisingly small our space was…he had thought we were a much larger company.  She said “Michael Diamond?”   I couldn’t believe I met Mike D and didn’t even know it!!!!

I have been a huge fan of the Beastie Boys for over 20 years, seeing them for the first time in concert when I was 16!  I also saw them in Zurich once with my brother and he still remembers it as one of the best concerts EVER. We are so excited to have our wallpaper featured in his house, which is amazing, and includes Mike D’s very own Toile wallpaper, made by Flavor Paper.

Check out the rest of his gorgeous house in this slideshow from the New York Times!  Below are some of my personal favorites.


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