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Family Heirlooms

September means Heirloom tomatoes!  We wanted to share some our favorite homemade recipes with you. Here they are mixed into an arugula and red potato salad. A fresh summery salad with a bit of an autumnal twist.
A simple snack of burrata and balsamic+olive oil.  A bit indulgent…but so yummy!

It’s still not quite cool enough for a real bowl of soup in September, so we blended 3 red and 3 yellow heirlooms with half a large pickle, some white lemon balsamic, olive oil and sea salt. Topped with pesto made of basil, olive oil, cashews, sea salt a clove of garlic and a couple sun dried tomatoes.

Want Something to save for later? Try and make your own sun dried tomatoes to add to a variety of meals in the future! They’ll last up to three weeks and always taste better with time.

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