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An Ode to Tile

Using tile is a good way to bring diversity to a space – with color, pattern or unusual applications. Below are some great uses of tile that we’ve come across, some classic and some more unexpected.

Commune Design has two tile collections that are both amazing. Below is the from the Native collection, which has three other cool patterns too. Highly recommend checking both collections out, especially if you like monochrome pattern.


These next two tile applications bring a whole new level of appreciation to tiles. The image on the right is from a restaurant in Jalisco, Mexico called Hueso which means bones in Spanish. We’d love this to be the entrance to our home. Images below 1 / 2


Designer Maud Bury preserved the old cracked tiles in Paris’ Anahi Restaurant below by grouting the cracks with copper leaf. A great way to maintain a piece of history in a space – starting anew is clearly not always the answer.


Bringing tile into a living room, and more specifically on the fireplace, is a great idea. These tiles have a sort of woven appearance which is a clever way of of softening a hard surface and relating the fireplace to the real textiles in the space.


Bathrooms are the most obvious choice for tiles but these four rooms below each have something interesting going on. The blue floor tiles in the all white bathroom on the top left are a nod to the blue skies above. This connection to the sky makes the space that much more of an oasis (at least on a sunny day!). People don’t often associate tiles with a minimal aesthetic but the bathroom on the top right is a perfect example of this. An understated palette is made much more exciting with the simple line work of patterned tiles, but it’s all within the realm of minimalism. White subway tiles are a very common choice but in the bottom left bathroom they’ve been creatively placed in perpendicular directions. Lastly, the coral tiles in the bottom right bathroom have been used to create a large scale geometric shape across different planes. A reminder that tiles don’t only offer small repeated motifs. This concept could be taken in a lot of really cool directions.. Images below 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


These next two black and white bathrooms are fairly simple but the patterns are worth sharing.

This Barcelona apartment has beautiful original floor tile starting in the entry and continuing through the whole of the apartment. I love that it continues to the bedroom where it is made functional with an open tub. The historical detail in this living space has been so well respected.


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