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Collection: Staircases

Stairs offer an architectural opportunity in a space to be a central design feature, to be a structural division, to be a piece of sculpture. Below is a collection of staircases that we liked for one reason or another.

This one below has been beautifully integrated into the interior. The bottom stair merges into the seating area and the next several stairs double as a storage cabinet with drawers on the risers and cupboards around the back. Clever Japanese interior architecture at its best.


The geometry of this staircase is like a piece of art on the wall, such simple and successful composition.


These narrow little stairs lead up to a suspended bed under a skylight! They also act as wall-space for the office chalkboard – some very unique space-saving at play here.


Light and bright and architectural, the bare-bones of this angular space are intriguing – though I do wish we could see these stairs after the home had been lived in for a while.


This intricate staircase is a piece of sculptural art and a playful ode to scaffolding, a true one of a kind.


Stairways to heaven…the light pouring down from above adds a nice touch of visual interest to the main floors of these dwellings: left / right


The relaxed book storage alongside these stairs helps create a kind of cozy nook where I imagine one would sit on a stair, up against the wall perusing one of those old encyclopedias.


A staircase that acts as a room divider is an interesting idea that has been done many times but the ebonized vertical slats give this one a tasteful and graphic sophistication.


These slim-lined dark stairs protrude so delicately into this living space while drawing the eye up to the orthogonal graphic detail along the edge.


These cement stairs are constructed such that the side view has a beautiful detail of interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle.


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