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eskayel + clé, and the art of a tile collaboration.

We are so excited about our collaboration with clé tile. The eskayel x clé tiles are not only beautiful translations of eight of our most popular and iconic nature-inspired patterns, but a “testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of [clé’s] beloved tile artisans.” The talented clé team has been so wonderful to work with and their philosophy that “luxury is green” is right in line with our design ethos.  Below is a repost from the clé blog describing the evolution of our collaboration. To shop the eskayel x clé collection, click here.


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It’s always exciting to undertake an artist collaboration. clé is fortunate that featuring artists and designers has long been a foundation of our tile journey- and often it is the artist that approaches us.

Honestly, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. It really depends on a couple of major factors-

The work, obviously.

But almost more important is the artist themselves. Our best collaborations are when the artist understands the clé commitment to our clients and how honored we are to be included in their projects.


Today the floor goes to our newest clé design partnership with Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel. If you don’t know Shanan, or her cherished body of work, we invite you to explore her realm at and see what all the fuss is about.

Shanan is one of those artists of whom we can’t say enough. Her work is gorgeous and somewhat other-worldly; think Rorschach, but from a dream sequence. However, when it comes to collaborating and simply showing up for all the not-so-fun details, Shanan is the consummate professional by making sure her work delivers in the real world. Additionally, her enthusiasm for getting the work completed garners our deepest respect.



It was actually several years ago when Shanan originally approached us about a tile collection. Collaborations can take a long time from first conversation to a full-blown tile collection. When we were finally able to start the arduous work that produces a line of tiles, it was the sophistication of Shanan’s art that proved the biggest stumbling block for us.

Shanan produces all of her work by first-hand painting, then digitizing the designs to produce the collaged and ethereal works that come to form her magical pattern repeats. We knew it would be difficult to pull apart her images in order to find the elements that would produce an effective tile while preserving the soul of her work.


But what was soon to be our undoing was the mechanical nature of our tile production. Our artisans pushed back, unsure they could replicate the degree of detail required. We had to return to the drawing board several times before we finally had works that Shanan could approve and that the artisans could produce, en masse.


In the end, the molds to produce Shanan’s work (especially Omaha Kinship) are easily the most difficult tiles our studio has ever produced and may even be the most intricate cement tiles available today.

We are honored to have Shanan’s first collection of tiles and to work with an artist of such great work ethic, whose consummate professionalism kept us fighting long and hard to make a collection for which we can all be proud.

We consider all clé collections to be works of art, but  Eskayel + clé collection has proven not only to be a masterful renditions of Shanan’s graceful work, but also a testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of our beloved tile artisans.

We invite you to also fall under the hypnotic spell of our new Eskayel collection.


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